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Ashwathi Cottage


Ashwathi Cottage on Vellayani Lake, a complete little house with double occupancy. 20 minutes away from Thapovan Resort.

Rs. 3500/- for Double Occupancy


Architectural marvels in wood. Carved religiously on the principles of Thachushastra- the mystical science of engineering. Gabled roof, imposing wood columns at the entrance, panelled walls...Step in and transport yourself into a pristine world that had challenged technology with aesthetic ingenuity

Golden flames flickering in exquisite Thookkuvilakku (hanging lamps) was its answer to electricity. Water in charmingly designed basins for air conditioning. And the architectural genius of yore that allowed unhindered flow of cool air through all rooms. In the courtyard, a few paces in front of the entrance door, is the Thulasithara. A three feet high structure holding the hallowed Thulasi plant. It symbolises the presence of the divine.

Accomodation Accomodation
Built according to the Vaastru Shastra (the ancient architectural science) principles, the accommodation at the Thapovan Heritage Home is a harmonious blend of Kerala tradition and contemporary sophistication. Naturally cool and airy, the ethnically designed rooms are spacious and comfortable. All rooms come with all standard features and more. The illustrious window views, private balconies with beach view, marvellous wooden architecture, luxurious interiors replete with local arts and craft are specialities of Thapovan.

At Hilltop, you can relax in truly splendid settings relishing the breathtaking view of the lush green, palm fringed surroundings. The 'Beachview' is a cluster of spacious cottages on a natural slope of palm groves leading to the beach. The natural beauty refined by elegance and warmth offers an unforgettably refreshing experience.It will be the most exotic too.
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